Getting the right amount of water on the crop at the right time is the essence of effective irrigation. For that reason farmers invest thousands of dollars in center pivots and other systems. Center pivots accomplish this so well because they are designed to be able to move on their own. Nevertheless, wheel rut problems diminish the effectiveness of the center pivot irrigation system. As a result, farmers loose production and profit.

The Agri-TRAC gives your irrigation flexibility so you can focus on the needs of the crop instead of the limitations of the machinery. The Agri-TRAC has been proven for to keep center pivots going results for many years and it continues to make farmers satisfied with their equipment.

Agri-TRAC was invented by a farmer who struggled with the same problems as you do. Now, after two decades of experience in this field, we bring to you Agri-TRAC,, the only proven solution to center pivot wheel rut problems.

We are no stranger to your needs we are proud that we are able to help those who just don’t have the time to worry about their machinery. The Agri-TRAC has been extensively tested and is built to handle even the most difficult situations.


Increase Flotation

The Agri-TRAC provides as much as 5 times as much ground surface area as standard tires. Its concave shape and unique rolling action reduces wheel rut depths by 80%. The Agri-TRAC prevents center pivots from getting stuck in the mud even on the most difficult soils.

Increase Traction

The tire tread bars mesh with the Agri-TRAC treads and will not slip inside the track even on hills with slippery soils. The Agri-TRAC provides 10 times as much tread length and traction.

Operates Smoothly

The Agri-TRAC rolls smoothly on small diameter tires without increasing the load on gearboxes. Expensive large diameter tires are no longer needed. The Agri-TRAC protects tires from sharp rocks and sunlight.

Quality Construction

The Agri-TRAC is warranted for one year against defects in materials or workmanship. The Agri-TRAC is hot dip galvanized to prevent rust and corrosion.