Be certain to use appropriate personal protection equipment such as leather gloves, safety glasses, etc., and avoid all possible pinch points and possible sharp edges as you install the Agri-TRAC.

Provide clearance between the wheel and the tower structure for the Agri-TRAC by either reversing the wheel (Valley and some T-L wheels) or by installing the Agri-TRAC Spacer between the wheel and the gearbox.

CAUTION: Check lifting and blocking mechanisms you plan to use and follow proper jacking procedures to ensure safety.

With the wheel jacked up to about 3 inches, slide a preassembled pair of Agri-TRAC sections under the tire. This is easily done by pulling the track with rope or wire. You can also do this step by running the tire over the track. Be certain that the treads in the track point the same direction as the tire treads on the bottom of the tire. The tire treads bars must mesh with the Agri-TRAC treads.

Connect the other two pair of preassembled track sections to both ends of the section under the tire. Tighten the nuts to approximately 100 ft/lbs torque. Wrap the track around the tire. Lower the tire 2 inches. Install the remaining bolts nuts and bushings.

Lower the tire so that the tread bars mesh inside the track treads. Check for proper inflation.

After running the Agri-TRAC for a few days check tightness of all hinge bolts and wheel lug bolts.

If the tires slip inside of the track, carefully check the following:



It is best if both wheels are mounted with the treads pointing the same direction as shown above.

Make certain that the tire meshes inside the bottom of both tracks.

Make certain that the tire is inflated to maximum pressure.

The track must be mounted on recap tires with lugs at least 1 inch tall. (Taller treads are better)

Install 11-24.5 size track on 11-24.5 size tires

Install 11-22.5 size track on 11-22.5 size tires

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