System Requirements

Recap Tires

The recap tire is standard equipment on many new as well as older systems and is found on almost every farm using center pivot irrigation. They can be moved to whichever tower they are needed for the Agri-TRAC. They are required for the following reasons:

- The tread lugs are strong enough to climb the Agri-TRAC "ladder" when the tower is in trouble.

- With few exceptions, recaps have a uniform tread pattern, 32 tread lugs, and at least 1 inch tall. The Agri-TRAC can be used with the recap sizes--11-24.5, 11-22.5. and 12.5-22.5. Specify size.

Clearance between tire and tower structure:

An additional 2 inches of space between the tire and the tower structure must be provided for the Agri-TRAC. Some center pivots wheels have offset centers, such as Valley and T-L planetary drives. These wheels can be reversed to provide the needed clearance. Other systems require the Agri-TRAC SPACER to be installed between the wheel and the gearbox to provide the necessary clearance.

CAUTION ! Tower misalignment can result in unwanted stress on the tower structure especially when the system is being run dry.

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